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A True Cottage Industry


Wilmot Hills Distillery has been operating since 2006. Originally an offshoot of Wilmot Hills Vineyard established in 1991, growing grapes and producing wine in our own winery.

As time passed, the distillery operations developed into the main enterprise and the vineyard involvement terminated.

A Boutique Distillery


The original aim in building a distillery, derived from the idea of creating a Calvados style apple brandy using the cider apples from our orchard.

With my engineering background I designed and built a reflux still, and installed it in the modified winery.

To utilise the still, beside apple brandy, other spirits such as Grappa, Basilico, Gin and Absinthe are hand crafted with devotion and due diligence. These products are now the mainstay of our enterprise.

Other beverages such as cider and fruit wines are still available.

The Reflux Still


The 200 litre reflux still is located on the upper floor of the winery, electrically heated and electronically monitored with constant stirring of the wash. Chilled water to the column and condenser is supplied from a 20,000 litre storage tank.

Cellar Door


Located in the picturesque hills in North West Tasmania near Lake Barrington with wonderful views of Mount Roland and surrounding mountains, 40 km south of Devonport.

A warm welcome is extended to all visitors by the owners John and Ruth Cole who have been operating the business at Wilmot Hills since 1991.

Wilmot Hills Distillery