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Apple Brandy

A smooth and rounded brandy distilled from true English cider apple varieties, grown in our orchard.

The delicate apple aromas and fruit flavours are enhanced by sensitive maturation of French oak.

0.5 litre at 40%



Red Absinthe is similar to green absinthe with Hibiscus flowers, Sloe and Laurel berry extracts replacing the chlorophyll colouring.

Experience in the same manner as for green absinthe, or create a cocktail that shows off the pink milkiness.

0.5 litre at 65%



Sweetened basil infused grappa.

Refreshing with tonic and a sprig of mint.

0.5 litre at 40%



Motorcycle gin, why not.

It’s a cool drink just like the wind on your face riding a motorcycle.
Doubled distilled from natural ingredients.

0.5 litre at 43%


ABSINTHE – clair de lune

All true absinthes are bitter to some degree due to the extracts from the wormwood ( Artemisia absinthium ) and therefore usually served with the addition of sugar.
The ritual involves placing a sugar cube on a perforated spoon resting on the rim of the glass containing about 30 ml of absinthe. Iced water is slowly dripped on to the sugar cube and into the absinthe causing the green liquor to louche into an opaque opalescent solution.
The ratio is around 4 parts water to 1 part absinthe at 65%.
It is best to allow the water to drip slowly.
Other botanicals include Roman wormwood ( Artemisia pontica ),
Hyssop, Anise and Fennel. The spirit base is wine alcohol.

0.5 litre at 65%



Spark up your coffee with grappa, or have a shot at the end of the day.

This smooth and flavoursome spirit, distilled from our wine, will even put zest into your worst day.

0.5 litre at 40%